Target Acquired

Action and platforms in 2D


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Target Acquired is a 2D action and platform game where you have to help Yura Anders, from the Nekomipolis Police Department, fight against the evil genius, Cammy Lyuka, and her army of robots.

Both the concept and the gameplay in Target Acquired are very similar to the Megaman franchise. Your character always runs forward, but you have to jump and shoot your weapon. Also, just like in Megaman, if you hold down the button to shoot, your shot is much more destructive.

Target Acquired's levels are full of danger. In addition to the many traps in your path, you also have to face tons of different robots, each with its own attack pattern. As if that weren't enough, at the end of each level you have to face gigantic bosses.

Target Acquired is an excellent combination of action and platforms. This game offers a great control system for touchscreens, impressive graphics, and tons of improvements you can unlock for your heroine.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher